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I'm usually not big on pointing out the obvious, and I got over the "to re-make or not to re-make" debate years ago, but I saw this on an IMDB message board, and I was kind of floored...I think this person was serious:

i am a huge Horror movie fanatic My favorites are Slasher movies and i love remakes, all of the horror movie remakes i have seen have been better than the original and i don't care if they are PG-13 or not Prom night looks like a fantastic slasher movie here are the remakes that i thought were better than the originals.

BLACK CHRISTMAS (a million times better than the original i know people are going to argue with me on that one. the original was slow and not enough slashing going on to even be considered a slasher movie while the remake is a true slasher movie with lots of gore and two awesome killers. the original people say had suspense the only suspense it had was the suspense of how long i was going to be bored. i consider the remake to be the only black christmas)

ROB ZOMBIE'S HALLOWEEN (a trillion times better than the original Rob zombie blew carpenter's out of the water. Rob's had more suspense, more gore and way way better chase scenes. Carpenter did not give a back story while Rob gave a fantastic back story and better character develoment. i also like how zombie made Michael even meaner and brutal. Rob Zombie Took a Classic and made it Better.Both Halloween and Black Christmas Remakes are in my top ten favorite movies)

WHEN A STRANGER CALLS (I don't care if it is PG-13 or not it is still a fantastic Slasher/thriller. while i do really like the original but the remake is a million times better. The killer in the remake is way scarier and you see him a lot more. The chase scene at the end of the movie is fantastic that scene is better than the whole original movie another outstanding remake.)

THE HILLS HAVE EYES (one of the best movies of 2006. The original lacked gore and violence while The remake delivered gore and it delivered until it got shocking. Alexandre Aja is one heck of a fantastic horror director i would like to see him remake Maniac because he made it like the original hills have eyes was a G rated movie.)

Other remakes that i thought were better than the originals are
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Amityville Horror
The Hitcher
Dawn of the dead
House of wax
House on haunted hill
The Fog (also better than the original)
The Wicker Man
The Haunting
Thirteen Ghosts
Night of the living dead
April Fools Day (Awesome remake)
The Omen

And i also want to thank Rob Zombie And Glen Morgan For making two fantastic Movies Halloween And Black Christmas and making them like They are the orignals and the Originals are the remakes. I want Rob zombie to remake JAWS

I can Gurantee that Prom Night will be on my list as a remake that is better than the original.
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