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Trashy - Sick - Sexy - Cheap - Hysterical


This is not a philosophical, thought inducing movie. It's disgusting, and cheap. To the core. Full of bad acting with a surprisingly creative zombie story. Politically crude, dark humor. Including jokes about the NRA. Racist, stereotypical characters. Robert Englunds paranoid, high strung, obsessive compulsive characters was perfect. Not to mention that purple suit he sported was just the right touch.

The story is this; It takes place in the future under president Bush's fourth term in office. We invaded just about every single country in the world (including Antarctica), and have run out of troops for all American military's. A super zombie virus was created to insure the income of war profit, and the rest his tittory, i mean, ... history.

The beginning had a few particular quotes/scenes ripped straight from Aliens and Starship Troopers, which i honestly didn't mind at all. It also helped that the very small audience i watched the movie with was just as sick and immature as me. We applauded, we cheered, we roared with laughter. The girls and the dancing did hold my attention but, get this, they didn't stay beautiful like i had expected them to. I was so thankful for that. Their rotting dancing bodies i feel saved the movie from even lower than the cheapest of cheap doom. The bouncer ran out of the club in fear every time a fight broke out. Just cheap fun.

There has been a lot of talk about Jenna Jameson not looking as fresh and as beautiful as she used to. I feel her playing the part of a dead rotting stripper was a mockery of all the speculation. Kudos to her!!!

The CGI in the beginning was terrible. The FX makeup, however; was surprisingly good. I was impressed. I was also surprised by the soundtrack that was very heavy, and very electronic. Not to mention it was really good. This movie was so much better than i had expected. I walked in expecting a cheap trashy film. I was right, and walked out still laughing. I recommend smoking with some old pub buddies and checking it out. I promise you won't be disappointed.

I couldn't help but laugh at a man throwing a beer can at a "living" stripper walking off the stage while yelling "DONE BITCH!". That's what you'll be expecting. Have fun guys!

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