Rodion Raskolnikoff (veles) wrote in horrorelitists,
Rodion Raskolnikoff

Who's seen anything?

Good god, I almost forgot about this place, but an application does pop up now and then.

But I'm hear to ask that question above, maybe I'm just being cynical but I'm not even interested. All the crapola that gets released now, or appears in the cinema. Another Saw film (and I swear the trailers for all five said the same thing?!), One Missed Call, gee sounds riveting, SHROOMZ, wow thanks guy, good way to subtley work in an anti-drugs message. There's more I'm sure. Am I being cynical or are they really that bad? Has anyone bothered to watch any of this?

I'm think I might be half-ashamed to say this here, couple of weeks ago I picked up that made-for-tv serial adaptation of Stephen King's IT, purely because it was cheap and would bring back fond memories of being eight years old. I make a point of mentioning this because watching it I could recall the feeling that watching it gave me as a child. Being an adult, I'd obviously never get that feeling back watching anything, obviously. But my point is I believe that something made on a TV budget, with a crappy mechanical spider at the end and a whole chunk of plot missing is far better than anything these morons with millions of dollars and a marketload of ideas to rip off the Japs can do.
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