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Hey gang...

Let's talk newer American horror flicks for a moment here. I've been watching a few recently, ones that the fanboys and girls seem to be eating up and have had decidedly mixed feelings.

1) "Hatchet." What's the appeal? Film has nothing going for it and now Dark Sky has bought the rights in hopes of developing it as a franchise. What gives? Is it just dumb luck, or the fact that Kane Hodder is in it? Seriously, I don't get it.

2) "Trick r' Treat" Was OK, but struck me as little more than a pile of undercooked conceits and unnecessary narrative tweaks that all undermined the overall effect of the movie...though the werewolf scene made the whole thing worthwhile.

3) "Deadgirl" probably caused a stir because of its subject matter, but suffered from a serious identity crisis, (is it transgressive horror a la "Nekromantik?" or just "Heathers" with more zombie fucking?)pulled a lot of its punches big time, and man, people gotta stop colortiming their damn horror films so they look like they're shot in an ER.

The only thing I saw recently that I thought lived up to the hype was "House of the Devil." Stands up to repeated viewings, too, despite, or perhaps because of, its agonizing pace.

any thoughts about this, or recommendations for newer U.S horror films?
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Who's seen anything?

Good god, I almost forgot about this place, but an application does pop up now and then.

But I'm hear to ask that question above, maybe I'm just being cynical but I'm not even interested. All the crapola that gets released now, or appears in the cinema. Another Saw film (and I swear the trailers for all five said the same thing?!), One Missed Call, gee sounds riveting, SHROOMZ, wow thanks guy, good way to subtley work in an anti-drugs message. There's more I'm sure. Am I being cynical or are they really that bad? Has anyone bothered to watch any of this?

I'm think I might be half-ashamed to say this here, couple of weeks ago I picked up that made-for-tv serial adaptation of Stephen King's IT, purely because it was cheap and would bring back fond memories of being eight years old. I make a point of mentioning this because watching it I could recall the feeling that watching it gave me as a child. Being an adult, I'd obviously never get that feeling back watching anything, obviously. But my point is I believe that something made on a TV budget, with a crappy mechanical spider at the end and a whole chunk of plot missing is far better than anything these morons with millions of dollars and a marketload of ideas to rip off the Japs can do.

Trashy - Sick - Sexy - Cheap - Hysterical


This is not a philosophical, thought inducing movie. It's disgusting, and cheap. To the core. Full of bad acting with a surprisingly creative zombie story. Politically crude, dark humor. Including jokes about the NRA. Racist, stereotypical characters. Robert Englunds paranoid, high strung, obsessive compulsive characters was perfect. Not to mention that purple suit he sported was just the right touch.

The story is this; It takes place in the future under president Bush's fourth term in office. We invaded just about every single country in the world (including Antarctica), and have run out of troops for all American military's. A super zombie virus was created to insure the income of war profit, and the rest his tittory, i mean, ... history.

The beginning had a few particular quotes/scenes ripped straight from Aliens and Starship Troopers, which i honestly didn't mind at all. It also helped that the very small audience i watched the movie with was just as sick and immature as me. We applauded, we cheered, we roared with laughter. The girls and the dancing did hold my attention but, get this, they didn't stay beautiful like i had expected them to. I was so thankful for that. Their rotting dancing bodies i feel saved the movie from even lower than the cheapest of cheap doom. The bouncer ran out of the club in fear every time a fight broke out. Just cheap fun.

There has been a lot of talk about Jenna Jameson not looking as fresh and as beautiful as she used to. I feel her playing the part of a dead rotting stripper was a mockery of all the speculation. Kudos to her!!!

The CGI in the beginning was terrible. The FX makeup, however; was surprisingly good. I was impressed. I was also surprised by the soundtrack that was very heavy, and very electronic. Not to mention it was really good. This movie was so much better than i had expected. I walked in expecting a cheap trashy film. I was right, and walked out still laughing. I recommend smoking with some old pub buddies and checking it out. I promise you won't be disappointed.

I couldn't help but laugh at a man throwing a beer can at a "living" stripper walking off the stage while yelling "DONE BITCH!". That's what you'll be expecting. Have fun guys!

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I'm usually not big on pointing out the obvious, and I got over the "to re-make or not to re-make" debate years ago, but I saw this on an IMDB message board, and I was kind of floored...I think this person was serious:

i am a huge Horror movie fanatic My favorites are Slasher movies and i love remakes, all of the horror movie remakes i have seen have been better than the original and i don't care if they are PG-13 or not Prom night looks like a fantastic slasher movie here are the remakes that i thought were better than the originals.

BLACK CHRISTMAS (a million times better than the original i know people are going to argue with me on that one. the original was slow and not enough slashing going on to even be considered a slasher movie while the remake is a true slasher movie with lots of gore and two awesome killers. the original people say had suspense the only suspense it had was the suspense of how long i was going to be bored. i consider the remake to be the only black christmas)

ROB ZOMBIE'S HALLOWEEN (a trillion times better than the original Rob zombie blew carpenter's out of the water. Rob's had more suspense, more gore and way way better chase scenes. Carpenter did not give a back story while Rob gave a fantastic back story and better character develoment. i also like how zombie made Michael even meaner and brutal. Rob Zombie Took a Classic and made it Better.Both Halloween and Black Christmas Remakes are in my top ten favorite movies)

WHEN A STRANGER CALLS (I don't care if it is PG-13 or not it is still a fantastic Slasher/thriller. while i do really like the original but the remake is a million times better. The killer in the remake is way scarier and you see him a lot more. The chase scene at the end of the movie is fantastic that scene is better than the whole original movie another outstanding remake.)

THE HILLS HAVE EYES (one of the best movies of 2006. The original lacked gore and violence while The remake delivered gore and it delivered until it got shocking. Alexandre Aja is one heck of a fantastic horror director i would like to see him remake Maniac because he made it like the original hills have eyes was a G rated movie.)

Other remakes that i thought were better than the originals are
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Amityville Horror
The Hitcher
Dawn of the dead
House of wax
House on haunted hill
The Fog (also better than the original)
The Wicker Man
The Haunting
Thirteen Ghosts
Night of the living dead
April Fools Day (Awesome remake)
The Omen

And i also want to thank Rob Zombie And Glen Morgan For making two fantastic Movies Halloween And Black Christmas and making them like They are the orignals and the Originals are the remakes. I want Rob zombie to remake JAWS

I can Gurantee that Prom Night will be on my list as a remake that is better than the original.

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since apparently people have found this community and want to play again, let me say it loud and clear


New To This Community, first time post :)

I first must say that I think this is a wonderful livejournal community!
I saw this as a previous post, so I decided to do the same because I liked it. (hope this doesn't bug anyone)

Name: Mark
Age: 20

1_ What is Your Favorite Horror Film or Which Horror Film Has Stood Out Most in Your Memory. Why?

Very tough. Well, THIS week I'd have to say the original Carnival of Souls. I am very impressed that it was so well made given the incredibly low budget. It also fascinates me that an industrial film maker made the film too. The film has a very eerie atmosphere which really pulls me in.

2_ Name Your Top 15 Horror Films: (not in any particular order)

1. Nightmare on Elm Street
2. Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things.
3. Halloween
4. I Spit on Your Grave
5. Tourist Trap
6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
7. Dawn of The Dead/ Night of the Living Dead
8. The Blair Witch Project
9. The Shinning
10.Carnival of Souls
11.Messiah of Evil
12. Suspiria
13. The Exorcist
14. Cube
15. Hellraiser

3_ Favorite Horror Scores/Composers: I like the music for Suspiria/ My Little Eye

4_ Recent Horror In Your Life and Your Thoughts On Each:
a) Last Horror Film Seen in Theater? Halloween Remake. Crap.
b) Last Horror Film Seen at Home? Carnival of Souls. An oldie, but a goodie.

5_ Favorite Director(s):
a) Non-Horror Directors: Gondry. Almodovar. Bunuel.
b) Horror Directors: Argento, Fulci, Romero.

6_ State Your Thoughts on the Horror Cinema to be Produced in the Following Countries and Name One to Three Favourite Film For Each Country:
American: The Shining (I don't like America...or the movies we have been making since 2000)
British: 28 days later ( Don't know much about British horror)
German: Metropolis (okay NOT so much horror...but very avant garde)
Asian: Battle Royale (Trend Setters for horror...though I am SO over asian horror)
Italian: Zombie (They know how to do it right)
Spanish, Mexican: The exterminating Angel (Don't know too much)
French: Funny Games?
Anywhere Else: My Little Eye (Canada)

7_ Which Era is Your Favourite For Horror and Which Era do You Believe Generated the Best of Horror? Discuss: My favorite era or genre of horror is def. slasher films and zombie films. I feel like there is more creativity available in those types of films. When you run into supernatural horror, you get CGI vomit, and big budgets.

8_ First Horror Movie You Remember Seeing?
Nightmare on Elm Street!!!! I was 2!

9_ Five Favorite Non-Horror Movies? Discuss Each.
Kill Bill. What's not to love about Kill Bill?
Return of the Jedi. Jedi Boots!
Elvira Mistress of the Dark. I just love her.
2001: Space oddyssey ( Does Sci-Fi count as horror? ) SPACE SUITS and MOD MOD MOD
The Time Machine (Original). Everything.
Me and You and Everyone We know. Great story. Great music. Great everything.
Devil Wears Prada. I really like fashion.

10_Three Favorite Guilty Pleasure Horror Movies, The Ones You Know Are Terrible But Love Anyway:

Stigmata, Scream, Resident Evil.

11_Favorite Genre Actors/Actresses:
Sarah Michelle Geller, Tippi Hedren, Patricia Arquette, Jake Gyllenhal.

12_ The Worst of The Worst.
a) Name and Discuss in Detail the Three Horror Films You Consider to be Most Over Rated:
ANYTHING past the year 2001. hahahahah (The Ring, The Grudge, Saw)

b) Name and Discuss in Detail the Three Horror Films Which You Consider to be the Absolute Direst Z Grade Junk:
HAH! Frankenhooker.
Blood Of the Beast.
April Fools Day.
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Black Christmas

Black Christmas (the original, of course - and it ticks me off that I have now have to qualify that) is my favourite horror movie of all time, and one of my fave movies ever, period. Scares the bejeesus out of me, in a way few films ever manage to. The whole atmosphere of the thing is like a bad dream (in the best possible way). A timeless classic (and didn't need no goddamn remaking!)